SEO and marketing collide to become one skill set

SEO has come a long way. Earlier it involved technical work where one would fix the mistakes or snags committed by a website developer. Those mistakes which would affect Google or any major search engine crawling their site or web pages. This involved making sure the canonical tags were appropriate, sitemap was submitted correctly etc.

But now in 2016 the definition of SEO specialist has changed. Today they are optimizers who want to make it to the top of Google and have turned similar to marketing.

Marketing is acquiring new customers grabbing attention of the public. SEO is a popularity contest on Google. Today most people turn to Google in search of any product or basic details. Users tend to look at the top details catered to them by their search engine. 90 percent of the people only go through the websites listed in the first page of their search results and even the rest of the 10 percent do not cross the second page.

In the future marketers will tend to learn many latest trends which will include SEO too. They need to run a social media campaign with SEO ambitions interlaced. Come up with tech blogs and content which popularizes their website.    

In future we are bounded to see marketing courses combine with SEO knowledge. No longer are they separate domains with web development company chicago.



Popular SEO techniques to improve your ranking

There are extensive articles written on each and every feature to improve the rank of your website. There are several SEO hacks laid down and discussed far and wide. Now let’s take small and crisp outlay each one of them.

1.   Submit XML sitemap to speed up indexing

2.   Use optimized robots.txt to control search engine crawlers

3.   Use alt tags with popular keywords to optimize your images

4.   Use all headline tags within your website do not use just one H tag.

5.   Check for broken links within the site to avoid hurting your rankings and it also presents poor user experience.

6.   Use well written page descriptions and meta titles for your sites. Though they do not affect rankings directly. They are the first set of words which attracts users.

7.   Check for duplicate content. If there is more than 10 percent plagiarized content on your site will affect visibility in search engine.

8.   Use LSI keywords to optimize content. This will get better ranking and help in judging the relevance of an article to users search query.

9.   Your web pages should have faster load time. As any page with lower load times are ranked lower and make the user impatient.

10.                 Make use of local citations to improve local SEO using Website Development Los Angeles.

11.                 Submit your site’s local listing on Google My business to improve your sites visibility

12.                 Having good reviews on Google business will naturally boost rankings

13.                 These are some of the popular methods to get good place in search engine. But you need to do in depth research on each of the above said point to see improved results